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    Home / Press Releases  / Congratulations to my friend and fellow author Arielle Ford on the publication of her novel The Love Thief

    The Love Thief, Arielle Ford’s debut novel, is a story of love, betrayal, and unexpected transformation with a juicy revenge sub-plot and a surprise ending. This is a roller coaster ride of love lost and found that will surprise and delight any romantic. When creative, food-loving Chef Holly gets swept off her feet by the handsome and sophisticated man of her dreams, she cannot help but be blindsided by the betrayal that follows. Her journey into the depths of self-doubt are not only soul-crushing, but edge-of-your-seat suspenseful, as she discovers a devastating, hidden truth about her former fiancée. With her future hanging in the balance, she finds herself transported to–and deeply transformed by–India’s most sacred city, Rishikesh. And, in the end karma reigns supreme.

    Pre-order the book now to get the HEART HEALING Yoga Bonus Video Series on transforming: Love, Grief, Anger, Heartache, and more featuring today’s top yoga instructors including Seane Corne. https://www.thelovethief.com/?utm_source=tlt118

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