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    Two world-renowned transformational leaders will host the grand opening of Montecito Meditation on Saturday, September 21, 2019, the International Day of Peace.

    WHO:  Sarah McLean and Tina Lyn, Co-Founders of Montecito Meditation, invite the media and general public to attend.

    WHAT:  Grand Opening of Montecito Meditation. Tour the center, meet the co-founders, enjoy refreshments.  Learn to meditate.  Explore the boutique.  Celebrate the International Day of Peace.

    WHEN: Saturday, September 21, 2019.  11:30 am-4:30 pm 

    WHERE: Upstairs 1805 East Cabrillo Boulevard, Suite G, Santa Barbara, California 93108.  Adjacent to the Andree Clark Bird Refuge.  Off-street parking available.

    WHY: Celebration of the Grand Opening and International Day of Peace

    Schedule of Events:

    11:30 am Welcome.  Meet the Founders

    12:00 pm Meditation for International Day of Peace with Sarah McLean

    1:00 pm Guided Loving Kindness Meditation with Silvi Winthrop

    2:00 pm Sound Healing with Jenn Parma of Parma Wellness

    3:00 pm Breath Awareness & Chocolate Meditation with Jamie Zimmerman

    4:00 pm Celebrating the studio with a champagne toast.

    To learn more, visit: https://mcleanmeditation.com/montecito-meditation-grand-opening/

    “I’m so grateful to be a part of Montecito Meditation and hope it will serve the needs of the Santa Barbara meditation community as well as be a meditation destination for visitors from all over the world,” says Hay House author and co-founder Sarah McLean. She is excited about the programs featured at the center including beachside meditations, mindfulness and meditation classes, silent sessions, retreats, special events, and mini meditations for those on the go.

    Sarah has been teaching meditation for 25 years and was a founding director for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. She is  now the director of the Meditation Teacher Academy which offers training programs for meditation and mindfulness teachers in the U.S., Australia, and Europe. Many of the teacher training programs will be held at this new venue.

    “Meditation is so beneficial and can upgrade anyone’s physical, mental, and emotional well being. Everyone, regardless of experience, is invited to join the drop in meditations or take a Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation class.” Their schedule of meditation events begins on October 1. 

    Sarah has partnered with Montecito resident and entrepreneur, Tina Lyn, the co-founder and owner of the center, to bring about world-class education and programming.  Tina is a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher and a personal trainer who credits her meditation practice for helping her conquer life-changing health challenges.

    Tina shares her story:

    “It was my desire to be a mother that led me to meditation. You see, I couldn’t have children without help.  Fifteen years ago I started my in vitro fertilization procedures, and in three years I got pregnant six times. Unfortunately, I had six miscarriages. I was on an extremely emotional roller coaster. That’s when someone told me about meditation. I learned a simple silent sound (mantra) meditation and was amazed how it helped me get through the ups and downs.  It helped me to be okay, no matter what was going on with me physically or emotionally. I was fine and I knew it. Eventually, I was able to conceive and had two children. To this day, I’ve continued my meditation practice and credited it with helping me keep my joy during the rough spots.”

    “It was at a meditation seminar a few years ago that I realized I wanted to share meditation with others because it had changed my life in many ways. So, I trained to become a meditation and mindfulness teacher. Not only do I want to support parents on the conception journey, I want to share meditation and mindfulness with anyone who wants to learn and gain the benefits.”

    Tina has been a personal trainer for 13 years and empowers people to be healthy and strong.

    She says, “I love to help people find a home that they love in their own body. All it takes is the right workout and consistency. Just like meditation! When you add meditation to working out, people experience an even deeper sense of coming home. I opened a meditation studio so people can find a practice they love and come home to themselves. It’s like a dream come true. The location is perfect, and I can’t wait to share this space with our Santa Barbara community.  I’d love for you to come meditate with us!”

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