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    Hello there,
    I am Nancy Marriott

    Hello, I’m Nancy Marriott, Editor at Lightbox PR and Media.

    Nancy Marriott, MA, has been a freelance book editor, co-author, and coach for popular books for more than twenty years. Currently she is the cofounder of Editorial Arts Academy (EditorialArtsAcadmy.com), an online/live school for aspiring freelance book editors. As an editor/coach, she has worked on bestsellers Molecules of Emotion by Dr. Candace Pert, Discover Your Purpose by Rhys Thomas, and Own Your Self by Dr. Kelly Brogan. Her specialty is transformative nonfiction, including personal growth, spirituality, inspirational/self-help memoirs, alternative medicine, and mind/body/spirit genres. A former college ESL writing instructor and University of CA medical editor, Nancy has assisted authors taking both traditional and DIY publishing routes. She lives with her husband in Montpelier VT, and when not supporting authors or teaching classes, can be found playing with her 3-year-old grandtwins.  Read more at NancyMarriott.com.

    How I Spend My Day

    Book Coaching 0
    Developmental and Line Editing 0
    Book Proposals and Query Letters 0
    Training for Freelance Book Editing 0

    About Me & My Work

    I believe that everyone has a book inside them. With the help of a skilled book editor, and the willingness to do what it takes, anyone can write and publish the book they dream of writing.

    Book Coaching

    I can help you take your nonfiction idea from sketch to full manuscript for submission.

    Developmental and Line Editing

    I can improve your nonfiction manuscript for submission to DIY or transitional publishers

    Service I Book Proposals and Query Letters

    I can help you write the door-opening letter that gets your manuscript a publisher.

    Training for Freelance Book Editing

    I train book editors through online courses of my school, Editorial Arts Academy.

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