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    Hello there,
    I am Mel Sellick

    Hello, I’m Mel Sellick, Media Coach at Lightbox PR and Media.

    Mel Sellick is an international media coach, mindfulness facilitator, thought leader and former live TV news reporter, helping others discover their true selves on camera and in all aspects of life.  Her work has aired on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, NIKE, MOJO Hi Definition Network, NIKE, History Channel, Voice Entertainment films, Pay-Per-View and Island Def Jam Records.

    Mel has designed groundbreaking trainings that incorporate the latest in science, mindfulness techniques and performance research. Her goal is to empower others to shine and share their wisdom. She delights in contributing to a more genuine, inclusive and equitable media landscape. Her latest hashtag: #GenuineIsTheNewAuthentic.

    Mel has lived and worked around the world bringing inspirational and cross-cultural stories to light on television and in film.

    How I Spend My Day

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    About Me & My Work

    True success comes from stepping into our true selves, in our media and in our lives.

    Signature Speech/Message Discovery

    You have unique stories to offer the world. Figuring out which story will make the biggest impact and have them remember you forever, often takes an outside perspective. In this process, we excavate the one award-winning signature speech you’ll deliver on-camera and to live audiences everywhere.

    On-Camera/Speech Delivery

    Banish limiting beliefs and get rid of the nervous jitters before your next big presentation. This customized, embodied performance training transforms mediocre delivery into unforgettable impact every time you’re in the spotlight.

    Mindful Executive/Leadership Coaching

    For high-power performers looking to bring balance and resilience back into their lives. Using the latest in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) evidence-based research and mindfulness techniques, this customized coaching will give you the tools you need to recharge, to streamline and to balance your schedule to create more meaning in life.

    Outer & Inner Image Alignment

    This training is for high-achievers who want to fully integrate their inner beliefs with their outer images. Utilizing the latest in psychology, performance and evidence-based research, together we’ll find the congruency you seek inside and outside, so you can appear powerfully in the world as the change agent you are.

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