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    Hello there,
    I am Jennifer Kahtz

    Hello, I’m Jennifer Kahtz, Brand Strategist at Lightbox PR and Media.

    Six years ago, Jennifer Kahtz “fired” her boss and hired herself. Tired of working in an unfulfilling career in the medical field, she decided to pursue her dream of helping to create positive social change. The question remained: how could she do this and still pay the bills? That’s when Emotive Pull Communications was born.

    Jennifer observed the power of human connection in her life, and knew that if she could harness that power, she could help heart-centered businesses break free from mediocrity and change the status quo. She does this by helping companies to emotionally connect to their audience, then strategically positioning them to be successful. She helps businesses uncover their why, soul, and mission so that people become endeared to their brand.


    Using specialized research strategies, we identify and leverage buyer psychology to create strategic communications to pull your audience.

    Jennifer Kahtz is a writer, speaker, communications strategist, and marketing engineer.

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    About Me & My Work

    Emotive Pull Communications provides companies and individuals who want to impact social change a unique voice to cut through the noise of competition in today’s busy marketplace by positioning emotional buying desires so prospective buyers engage faster.

    Strategic Marketing Communications

    Emotive Pull will conduct specialized market research based on the science of emotional marketing. We’ll discover, through one on one interviews with your target market, the motivations, psychological pulls, and emotional triggers that drive buying behavior.

    Branding Communications

    We craft your story, mission, vision and values emotionally, so that your audience feels an instant connection, increasing trust and engagement. Your story conveys your passion and your “why” and can be used in presentations for websites, social media, conversations, or anywhere you connect with your audience.

    Ongoing Writing Service

    Derived from psychological data, we provide deliberate, strategic, compelling content for all your communications platforms from web content, advertising, and social media, emails, blogs, brochures, sales presentations, webinars and conversational scripts

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